Youth Clays Program


This program is geared for 12-18 year‐olds with or without shotgun shooting experience. The program works in the following manner.

Members who have a youngster(s) in the aforementioned age groups may fire a shotgun at no cost (in lieu of usual range fees) to the youngster.

Two boxes of shells are donated to the shooter firing Sporting Clays and one box for firing Five Stand. This is for the first round of shooting only. After the first round, the youth must purchase his or her own shells for each subsequent round. The youth MUST be accompanied by a family member or responsible adult. A youngster may fire in this manner each time the club is open for shotgun shooting.

Youngsters may bring a guest in the same age group, but that individual must supply his or her own shells, which can be purchased at the club’s cost. This program has proven to have a high success rate and the subsequent associated training is good preparation for life skills

By: Ron Fox