Rifle and Pistol Ranges

We have three outdoor ranges dedicated to a variety of rifle and pistol target shooting: a 25 yard pistol range with a target mover for competitions, a 25 yard pistol and rimfire rifle range including falling steel plates, 2 additional pistol and pistol caliber carbine (see club rules or contact a club RSO for definitions) shooting bays for instruction and competition use, and a longer rifle range with backstops from 25 yards through 200 yards. The rifle range also features covered benches for comfortable all weather shooting. It’s a great place for club members sight in their guns or get in some practice.



Our rifle and pistol ranges are open to members during the following times:

Every Day 9 a.m. to dusk Except during ALL shotgun events.

Range Closures

Every Wednesday 1 p.m. to close Sporting Clays and Five Stand
Every Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sporting Clays and Five Stand