Page updated June 12, 2019

  • CANCELLED! June 15 Steel Challenge – This steel challenge event is a fun speed shooting competition for pistol shooters of all levels of experience. More info here.
  • June 22Greater Finger Lakes Open Registered Shoot – For more information, visit WinScoreOnline.
  • Tuesday night handgun league has started! Join us with your legally registered handgun, shoot at some targets, and get a taste of what pistol competition is all about. There is a modest fee; and this is open to the public. Range Officers and instructors are available for assistance. More information here.
  • Wednesday evening Five-Stand fun shoot began it’s first season! There is no better way to begin learning the art of shooting a shotgun than trying your hand at this activity. It’s a continuation of our normal Wednesday Sporting Clays shooting; food is available for purchase. There is a modest fee; and this is open to the public. Some instruction and/or guidance from experienced shooters will be available. More info here.

Due to safety concerns, the rifle and pistol ranges will be closed while shotgun events are taking place. They may also be closed intermittently during normal range time for our volunteers to work out on the ranges. PLEASE OBEY THE RANGE SIGNAGE! ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST!