We have year-round leagues dedicated to everything from pistols to clays.

Summer Pistol League

The 2015 summer Pistol League will begin May 19th at 5:30 pm and every Tuesday from then to the end of August.

Dates Tuesdays, May 19th – Aug 25th
Time Tuesdays, starting at 6:00 pm
Price $5 per gun per week
Contact John Hill at 585-410-4183 or just stop by on a league night

The summer pistol league will be starting on May 19th and run through August. All club members are welcome to participate.

The first two weeks will be shooting steel plates, paper targets, and a moveer. You will use 48 rounds.

The first Tuesday of each month we will shoot an action type. The second Tuesday of each month we will shoot steel plates.

You can use any center fire pistol or revolver that allows you to reload on the go. The steel and action shooting will be timed. You will shoot a minimum of 60 rounds to get the targets down. You will need enough magazines or speed loaders to hold 30 rounds.