Classes and Education

Introduction To Shotgun Sports

Jim Catalfamo is a National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Level 1 certified instructor and teaches lessons for:

  • Shotgun Basics
  • Introduction To Sporting Clays

For more information, contact Jim Catalfamo at 585-746-3005 or stop by the clubhouse when we're open or contact us.

Classes on Pistol, Rifle, and Handloading Ammunition

Charles Moyer is a Level III International coach NCDS (National Coach Development Staff) – NRA, USA Shooting, CMP. Classes:

  • Pistol/Rifle: 8-30 hours (depending on course)
  • Handloading: 8 hours
  • (Fees involved and vary depending upon the course)

For more information, contact Charles Moyer via e-mail at:

Handgun and Home Firearms Safety Classes & Lessons

Dan Pitler is a NRA certified instructor offering instruction on handguns and home firearms safety.

For more information and to schedule a session, contact Dan Pitler via e-mail at:

See our site's Upcoming Events page for a list of this year's Handgun Orientation class dates.

Firearm Safety

These are some widely accepted guidelines regarding firearm safety. Consult a qualifed trainer according to your needs.

  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

  • Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

  • Always keep your firearm unloaded and the action open until you are preparing to shoot.

  • Always keep the firearm's safety on until you are prepared to shoot.

  • Always keep you finger outside the trigger guard until you are prepared to shoot.

  • Always follow multiple safety practices - like all the ones above - so that if you forget one or one fails, the others have a chance to save your or someone else's bacon.

  • Always confirm your target and check what is beyond your target.

  • Always unload your firearm when climbing or jumping.

  • Always avoid alcohol or other drugs before or during the use of a firearm.

  • Always wear eye and ear protection when using a firearm.

  • Always check that the barrel and action are free of obstructions and that you have the proper ammunition for the firearm.

  • Always shoot at appropriate targets - avoid shooting at a flat, hard surface or water.